New “Routines”

Spring was cancelled.


Prematurely (as is usual for me), I had already announced the arrival of spring with a silly memetic image. The weather gods didn’t get the memo and sent a blizzard our way. Three days of uninterrupted heavy snowfall followed. In fact, there was so much snow coming down from the sky that the roads were rendered useless and we were stranded for a couple of days. Luckily some sort of plow eventually arrived to clear some of the snow and now it seems like spring is back.

Light snowfall. The pictures of anything denser are not very interesting.

The densest snow packed clouds have their silver linguine, as the Italians say. I asked my assistant if there is any reason for me to hang around at Santa’s house if there aren’t going to be any visitors when the roads are blocked. She then told me that I don’t have to be there if I don’t want to. In practice this has meant that I haven’t been going to work if there aren’t going to be any visitors. This, in turn, means that I’ve had more days off now. My assistant WeChatted me this morning that I don’t need to come work since the roads are still blocked. I can deal with that.

This much snow.

Now, I’m not a dick. Of course when it was time to shovel the snow, I went to work to help out with that. I am not against working but I am against being at work for the sake of being at work. The only thing that’s different now that I’m not at work is that I am sitting in a chair that is a bit more comfortable and that nobody is constantly smoking right next to me. And I can sleep a little longer (which is awesome and, besides, the work starts much too early here as the first customers, even during the busiest days, never arrived at 8.30 or even at 9.30).


It seems that spring has sprung back.



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