From Scandinavian mythology:

A man with a long beard wanders the countryside of Midgård.

Coincidence: China is Zhong Guo in Chinese. It means Middle Land. Midgård also translates to Middle Land.

He wears a robe-like outfit and a large hat. And carries a staff or a spear. He often travels by flying through the night sky.

Coincidence: So do I!  Also: Middle Earth in Tolkien’s stories probably gets it’s name from Midgård. Gandalf’s character was inspired by descriptions of… Odin.

The man often travels with two wolves Geri and Freki.

Coincidence: On my daily walks I enjoy the company of these sisters. As far as I know the Chinese call them both Hei Nü (Black Woman) but I call them Geri and Freki.

At the centre of the world there is a tree called Yggdrasil.

Coincidence: At the centre of the Christmas Square stands a lonely tree of considerable size. It’s called a Christmas tree.

The wanderer is strongly associated with Yule or, as it has been known since Christianity: Christmas.

One of his many many names is Father Yule.

2015-12-17 14.59.05
Coincidence: So is mine! Almost.

PS. Yeah, OK. I don’t have an eye-patch or a six legged steed. Though there is a good amount of ravens living here but they don’t bring me any information and steer clear of human contact.

BTW, when Apple releases an update for their OS, is it an iPatch?

PPS. Yes, the implication is that I am a god. Which I had suspected for some time now.


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